In the lead up to the 2015 General Election, JMC Partners held a series of breakfast discussion events to explore the major healthcare issues of the day. The events were designed to provide greater clarity on a range of complex health topics and inform the development of better policy. Spanning money, commissioning and provision of NHS services, event speakers made expert contributions and triggered lively discussions among attendees.

There was strong consensus among attendees that a cross-party discussion is essential to decide the future shape of the NHS and to meet the challenges of an ageing population with increasing co-morbidities. A short briefing and report have been developed that set out the key issues discussed and consider potential next steps for the NHS. The documents are available to download above. 

Run without client sponsorship, a charitable donation was made to the Newman Holiday Trust for each event in lieu of fees.

Understanding the NHS challenge: briefing (PDF)


Understanding the NHS challenge: report (PDF)